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Aerial Waves is a story of passion. Passion for photography, for travel, for landscapes, for planet earth. Discovering new locations, jewels of our planet, never seen from above.

We create amazing aerial photography took the physical world by offering fine-art prints. Perfectly matching a minimalistic, high-end design and interiors.


Victor Fitz is Aerial Waves.

Starting in 2016, in his first year, Victor and his drone traveled over 20.000km all across Australia and along its beautiful coastline, capturing its expansive, breathtaking, earthliness from an aerial perspective. 

With an extensive traveling experience, Victor is fascinated with photographing remote and unique landscapes. 

It is within these landscapes that he has developed his abstract and attractive style. 

Aerial Waves have expanded their horizons by exploring Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Poland, Belgium, Iceland, Malta, Balearic Islands, Greece, Albania and Spain. The list continues to grow.

With a focus on seascapes; a mixture of vibrant water, pristine sand and rugged rocks, Aerial Waves continues to search for unique imagery and perspective never seen before.



                                     VICTOR FITZ /  @VICTORSFITZ

                                     Photographer, Website Developer